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Adding Hosting

The AWS Amplify Console makes it easy to continuously build, deploy, and host a modern web app.

1. Adding hosting to your modern web application

1.1. Open the Amplify console at

1.2. Choose your app react-my-todos.

Amplify All Apps

1.3. Select AWS CodeCommit as your source code git respository and click Connect branch.

Amplify Connect

1.4. Select your respository react-my-todos and for branch select master, click Next.

Amplify Select Git

1.5. For the Configure build settings section choose Create new role for backend deployments.

Amplify Create Role

1.6. Choose Amplify from the list of services, scroll down and choose Amplify - Backend Deployment that allows Amplify to call AWS services on your behalf for your use case, then Next: Permissions.

Amplify IAM Role

1.7. For attach permissions policies the policy is selected by default, choose Next: Tags.

Amplify IAM Role

1.8. For Add tags choose Next: Review.

1.9. Choose Create Role.

Amplify IAM Role

1.10. Return to Configure build settings section, select your backend environment prod and select your role created amplifyconsole-backend-role, choose Next.

Amplify Configure

1.11. Choose Save and deploy to deploy your web app to a global content delivery network (CDN).

Amplify Configure

1.12. Your front end build typically takes 1 to 2 minutes but can vary based on size of the app.

Amplify Configure


A build has the following stages:

Provision - Your build environment is set up using a Docker image on a host with 4 vCPU, 7GB memory. Each build gets its own host instance, ensuring that all resources are securely isolated. The contents of the Docker file are displayed to ensure that the default image supports your requirements.

Build - The build phase consists of three stages: setup (clones repository into container), deploy backend (runs the Amplify CLI to deploy backend resources), and build front end (builds your front-end artifacts).

Deploy - When the build is complete, all artifacts are deployed to a hosting environment managed by Amplify. Every deployment is atomic - atomic deployments eliminate maintenance windows by ensuring that the web app is only updated after the entire deployment has completed.

Verify - To verify that your app works correctly, Amplify renders screen shots of the index.html in multiple device resolutions using Headless Chrome.

1.13. Once completed, click on the site image to launch your app.

Amplify Completed

2. Modify the website

The AWS Amplify Console will rebuild and redeploy the app when it detects changes to the connected repository. Make a change to the main page to test out this process.

2.1. From your Cloud9 environment open the public/index.html file in the root directory of the repository react-my-todos.

2.2. Modify the title line with the following.

<title>My Todos</title>

2.3. Adding, committing, and pushing files to the CodeCommit repository.

git add .
git commit -m "Title change"
git push origin master


Amplify Console will begin to build the site again soon after it notices the update to the repository. It will happen pretty quickly! Head back to the Amplify Console console page to watch the process.


Congratulations!!! Now you have a modern application deployed using AWS Amplify.